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Port Douglas Private Reef Tours

Snorkelling in a tiny group with ABC Snorkel Charters, the number 1 tour operator in Port Douglas.

We take just 12 guests on our versatile day boat, offering the best tours to the reef. ABC provides a very exclusive, private and individual reef experience. Because of our low passenger numbers, we have the freedom to roam all the reefs off Port Douglas and Low Isles, finding new sites that are teeming with life, is just the beginning!

Our totally unique micro operation in Port Douglas makes us the snorkelers’ choice. You get to explore untouched coral gardens, in an intimate way, free from the crowds and without a tight schedule. We have two tours. One visits the low use reef areas off Port Douglas, which is only possible because of our low passenger numbers. The other explores the coral gardens surrounding Low Isles.

These are pristine locations. ABC provides private Port Douglas reef tours, to just a handful of people.


TOP 10 Reasons to choose ABC Snorkel Charters

ABC Snorkel Charters are the highest rated Port Douglas snorkel operator on TripAdvisor. By restricting our daily passenger numbers to just 12 guests, we can provide a whole lot more of everything. From personal attention, to privacy, time in the water and outstanding customer service. Our tiny snorkel groups are far superior for observation and ensure a much more personal experience. In fact when you choose ABC for your snorkel reef trip, a member of our team will be in the water with you the whole time, making sure you don’t miss a thing. ABC offers the highest staff to passenger ratio. Giving you the amazing chance to ask questions about what you are observing, pointing out the more unusual creatures that are generally missed by the untrained eye.


ABC is proud to get you to some awesome shallow and remote areas of the reef, perfect for snorkel only days.


A maximum of 12 guests per boat, each day. This is less than any other Port Douglas, or Cairns, day boat operator.


ABC has the freedom to roam. Enjoy totally exploratory days, getting to parts of the reef that no one else gets to see.


We take you to the best bits of the Great Barrier Reef and Low Isles, for amazing snorkelling. Colourful corals, beautiful fish.


Micro company ABC gets 5 star reviews and are voted the #1 reef trip in Port Douglas. Amazing, family friendly days!


At the very core of our operations, is to provide genuine small group reef tours, with low environmental impact.


Our reef boats have a shallow draft, giving us the freedom to access all reef systems off Port Douglas.


ABC offers the highest staff to passenger ratio. Our crew work hard to ensure your day, is a special part of your stay.


We’ve been exploring the Port Douglas Outer Reefs for over 30 years. We know where to go and will take you there.


An amazing personal experience. Take only photos, leave only bubbles. Maximum of 12 passengers.

Port Douglas Snorkelling & Great Barrier Reef Tours

ABC Snorkel Charters Port Douglas is visiting the reef, the way it should be done. Your group may be the only ones in the water and our boat the only one we see. This is your chance to be an explorer, uncovering an unvisited Great Barrier Reef snorkel site.

At ABC, we’re all about minimal impact operations and extremely low passenger numbers. In fact, we take less passengers than any other day boat from Port Douglas. We snorkel in pristine environments, offering you a rare thrill. This is not the standard experience of visitors to the Great Barrier Reef, but it should be!

The ABC Difference

We are not just a taxi ride to the Great Barrier Reef. ABC provides each group with a personalised snorkel guide, who is in the water with you the whole time. Reef experts, who will reveal and explain the wonders of the reef to you throughout your ABC Snorkel Charters day.

Because we limit our passenger numbers to a maximum of 12, we have increased cruising freedom and capabilities. This gives ABC the chance to visit a different site every single day of the year! We have many favourite areas and don’t visit the same snorkel sites every day.

Our family has been active on Port Douglas’ local reefs since 1987. Our agility opens up a myriad of opportunities for fantastic outer reef exploration, guided by experienced, local reef professionals. Our adventures are nothing short of world class.

Snorkel Port Douglas ~ Versatile Private Boats

Visit the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas on one of our purpose fitted reef and snorkel vessels, fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and safety equipment. Vessels include a galley, inside lounge-style seating, partially shaded deck with tables and comfortable seating, as well as warm freshwater shower and toilet. Easy access to the reef, thanks to large rear ladders, and plenty of space to chill out!

This boutique micro business is passionate about the Great Barrier Reef and making sure you make the most of your day and visit, with bespoke service and attention.

Voted Port Douglas' Best Reef Tour

Totally AMAAAAAAZING!!! Seriously this team takes professionalism to another level. Super knowledgeable and friendly staff ( Casey, Sam & Tyler) make this a never-to-forget experience. Smaller numbers (12 only) means much more personal attention to your experience. The extra $ is SO SO SO worth it. This was one of the highlights of our time at Port Douglas. Don't book others, go here for your snorkelling experience and allow the wonders of the reef to amaze you. You will be speechless!! Would we do it again? Definitely 💯 Would we recommend? Absolutely 💯

Dino Radin

The best reef trip in 40 years Over the past 40 years I’ve done many snorkeling trips to the outer reef but without doubt our trip today with the ABC team was clearly the standout. Our skipper Neil knew the perfect places to go - no crowds - amazing coral, fascinating sea life . Our crew Sam and Chris were not only highly qualified but were incredibly informative and they spent the entire time in the water with us. The big operators might have the bells and whistles but the small operators like ABC are able to provide a totally unique and personal experience.

Peter Inge

The Best and only way to explore the Great Barrier Reef. The staff were excellent, very knowledgeable, caring and always wanting to make sure all of our small group were completely satisfied and happy. Only a small number of passengers makes for a really enjoyable experience and attention to every individual is assured. They have great equipment and the boat is spacious and very comfortable. The full day goes very quickly and the experience in the water exploring coral reefs and interacting with the sea life is a truly magical experience and is even more amplified by our experience with ABC.

David Skipper

A beautiful and well thought out tour! Unbelievable! Safe to say I had the best day in years. Thanks for the beautiful and well thought out day. And thanks for keeping us well informed at all times. We travelled up the Coast looking for a tour that was a little more personal and professional and that's exactly what we got.

Floyd Franklin

Unreal Snorkel Experience This snorkel charter was incredible! Genuinely one of the best experiences of my life!! Not only because of the fantastic customer experience provided by Sam, Jen and skipper KC who were unbelievably friendly, happy to answer all of our silly questions and so knowledgable; but also because of the marine wildlife we saw. Would recommend this company and experience to anyone around this area interested in exploring the Great Barrier Reef. Thanks ABC!!

Kevin Stevens

Fantastic Family Snorkel Experience Today we charted with ABC Snorkel to Opal Reef in the Great Barrier Reef. We are a family of 5, three kids 6, 8, 10 who are all confident swimmers, but have never snorkeled or swam in open ocean waters. The ABC team consisted of a marine biologist, zoologist, professional scuba diver, and a skipper who had extensive knowledge on the coral reefs and varieties of fish. The team was amazing they shared their knowledge with such enthusiasm which made us all so excited to get into the ocean. My three kids were nervous at the beginning, especially my 6 year old. They were so accommodating and reassuring that by the second snorkeling spot she was confident enough to snorkel on her own with out a life bouy. They were all so buggered they slept the whole way home. I couldn’t highly recommend them enough, they have given our kids a new passion.

Normington Family NSW

Awesome experience I had an amazing day on the outer reef today. From the moment we left, ABC Snorkel Charters were very professional. Our guides were very knowledgeable of the reef. Our small group was helped with our snorkels and made to feel comfortable and safe before we jumped in the water. The guided tour took us to the best spots with so many fish and beautiful coral. Two snorkel sessions were perfect for the day. Definitely one to tick off your bucket list.

Paula Stewart

Incredible, not just a snorkelling tour! Insane! There is no better way to see and learn about the reef than with a marine biologist, a dive instructor and only 11 other people. A perfect alternative to the bulk commercial tours. We came home with a new appreciation for the biology of the reef system and we’re especially grateful that we weren’t just looking, but we’re learning and observing all the of happenings of the reef. Wonderful experience!

Peter Hayward

Just book it! Just a fantastic experience! I’ve previously been to the outer reef with one if the big companies before - huge numbers of people. This is totally different. Small groups, snorkel sites that change depending on the conditions. A real personal approach from wonderful and knowledgeable staff. We saw so many different types of coral as well as so many fish. sharks, a turtle and a moray eel! I highly recommend choosing ABC!

Michael Rose

Perfect! This is the best company to explore the GBR with. Absolutely blown away with my experience with ABC Snorkel and I recommend to everyone who is looking for the best way to explore the true beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. With a professional driver, knowledgeable zoologist and marine biologist as crew, they made sure every person got every cent out of the experience. The smaller charter enabled us to see and explore much more of the reef with a safe and comfortable atmosphere. This is the way to do it, with positive and passionate people who love to share the wonders of Australia with you.

Kelle Hand

ABC clearly the best snorkel company in PD The boat was fantastic (even for people who get sea sick) the journey to low isles was quick and the snorkeling was first class. The wetsuits and equipment were first class. Sam and Kate were amazing guides with great knowledge and showed us many fish and coral. Only 11 customers and everything just worked perfectly. I have been with 4 other companies in Port Douglas and ABC was clearly the best. The kids loved it, I will snorkel with ABC again. 10/10

Rob Smith

Perfect! This is the best company to explore the GBR with. Absolutely blown away with my experience with ABC Snorkel and I recommend to everyone who is looking for the best way to explore the true beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. With a professional driver, knowledgeable zoologist and marine biologist as crew, they made sure every person got every cent out of the experience. The smaller charter enabled us to see and explore much more of the reef with a safe and comfortable atmosphere. This is the way to do it, with positive and passionate people who love to share the wonders of Australia with you.

Kelle Hand

Incredible experience What an incredible experience! If you’re planning a reef snorkel tour from Port Douglas, i would definitely go with the guys at ABC. I tried another tour company three years ago when I was in Port Douglas and whilst it was a great experience it just didn’t compete with the tour we did with ABC yesterday. The difference is the tour guides and their level of expertise. Sam - a marine biologist - guided us through the variety of underwater life whilst on the tour. Other tour companies might be slightly more competitively priced but my if you’re going to take the time to have this special experience, you might as well do it properly! I haven’t left a review on my trip adviser account for years but i had to share this experience!

Michael Mason

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