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Best Family Reef Trip Port Douglas With ABC Snorkel Charters

The best family reef trip Port Douglas is with ABC Snorkel Charters. This small, Australian family-owned business punches above its weight in regard to every aspect of their Great Barrier Reef day tours, the reefs they visit, the crew they have and the customer service and satisfaction they provide. This is a totally guided snorkel day, taking just 12 guests, with 2 marine biologists on board providing personal attention.

ABC Snorkel Charters is so good at what they do, they were named Australia’s #1 tourism experience in Tripadvisor’s 2022 Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best Awards, and picked up the 2022 Best of Queensland Experience Excellence Award. So you can be assured, as voted by guests and acknowledged by the tourism industry, that this is most definitely the best family reef trip Port Douglas.

For the owners, Jay and Astrid Wink, it’s all about providing a reef trip the way it was meant to be. Taking a small boat to the best reefs, where you can snorkel and explore all day long, not only looking at the reef, but learning about it with marine biologists. Having that chance to ask questions and get answers, leaving you not only amazed at the beauty of this most precious natural attraction, but enriched with information about its evolution and some of the creatures you encounter during your visit. Providing the very best family reef trip Port Douglas possible.

The very purpose for every team member at ABC Snorkel Charters, every day, is to ensure you and your family, have the very best Port Douglas family reef trip possible. Their ‘office’ – the Great Barrier Reef – is a place you’ve heard about, no doubt read about, and seen lots of photos and videos which have provided glimpses into its underwater world.

Now you are coming to see it for yourselves and your owe it to yourselves, and your kids, to make sure yours is the best family reef trip Port Douglas possible. ABC Snorkel Charters make that happen. Just 6 passengers per marine biologist, who is in the water with you, guiding, educating and assisting you and your family during their Great Barrier Reef experience.

Each day ABC take a maximum of just 12 guests to the Great Barrier Reef, with two marine biologists on board. This is a dedicated snorkel trip and the itinerary is free-form, where you go and what you see will be the best available on the day, pending conditions. What does that mean? It means if it’s windy, they go to places sheltered by the reef, coral lagoons and gardens, if it’s calm, they’ll take you to the ‘wild side’ where the reef faces the continental shelf and coral walls are waiting to be explored. Regardless of where they go, you can be assured this is the best family reef trip Port Douglas and you will see simply amazing corals and a vibrant reef system teeming with marine life.

If this sounds amazing, but you want to pull out all the stops, then speak to ABC Snorkel Charters about a private charter. Their reef boat, crew and equipment are guaranteed to deliver you the best Port Douglas family reef trip possible and by booking their private charter reef boat Port Douglas, it’s all about you and your family, all day.

“We are here to ensure you have the best family Great Barrier Reef trip possible. Most boats take over 50 people, some boats take hundreds of people. We take just 12 and when you book our private charter reef boat Port Douglas, that number can be even smaller, to be just your family,” said ABC Snorkel Charters owner operator, Jay Wink.

“We love what we do, taking people out to see and explore the simply amazing Great Barrier Reef and our customers love it too, as per the great customer feedback we receive (see below) – we can’t wait to take you and your family,” said Mr Wink.

5 Plus Star Day On The Reef!! I have been to the Great Barrier Reef on two previous occasions. Those experiences don’t even come close to today’s experience with ABC Snorkel Charters! The small intimate group setting which enabled us to visit parts of the reef not accessible to large groups was well worth any additional cost!! The crew were extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Having a marine biologist onboard to lead the group and share his knowledge resulted in today being one of life’s experiences that I will always remember and cherish. I unreservedly recommend ABC Snorkel Charters to anyone visiting the Great Barrier Reef!! You will not be disappointed!!”

Going to the Great Barrier Reef? MUST BOOK THIS TOUR! If you have any inclination to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, you should absolutely book your trip with ABC Snorkel Charters. It is a family business, with a dedicated, knowledgeable crew who obviously love their jobs as much as they love the Reef. The boat has a maximum capacity of 12 passengers. Due to the size of the boat, ABC is able to take their passengers to areas of the Reef bigger boats (some with a capacity of 450 people!!) simply cannot go. One of our dive guides (Sam!) is a marine biologist who swam with us narrating the activity on the Reef much like a sportscaster would call a game. It was an amazing, personal and interactive day. The cost is more expensive than other charters, but the experience was priceless. If you are going to snorkel the Reef, book your tour with ABC Snorkel Charters.”

A Perfect Day! Sam, Jen and Casey were awesome hosts. Sam and Jen’s passion and excitement for the reef and it’s sea life was contagious. Easily the best reef tour we have been on. Having Sam as our private marine biologist, guiding and educating our family during the snorkel was amazing – he fixed masks, took footage and his enthusiasm felt as though he was seeing the reef for the first time. Thanks team ABC Snorkel Charters for a unique experience.”

So – if you are looking for the best family reef trip Port Douglas, you’ve found it – right here at ABC Snorkel Charters, so hit the Book Now button above and lock it in. Or, if the idea of booking our private charter reef boat Port Douglas sounds like a plan, get in touch with Jay on 0419 713 372 or email

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