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Port Douglas Best Snorkel Sites

The only Port Douglas snorkel operator offering day trips with just 12 passengers. That’s the ABC difference.

Enjoy remote locations and pristine Reef, with just a handful of people. ABC Snorkel Charters has the best staff to passenger ratio in the industry. Our small numbers and big smiles make us the best choice for a totally unique day, snorkelling on Port Douglas’ Outer Great Barrier Reef.

Imagine seeing myriads of fish darting through the waters, amongst pristine coral gardens. Exciting marine encounters, which are as varied as the creatures who call the Reef home. Well, imagine no more.

ABC is the perfect solution for families and small groups wanting to experience the Great Barrier Reef together.


The GBR really is snorkelling at its best

Snorkeling is a fantastic way to see the Reef! Coral gardens rise up to within metres (sometimes centimeters) of the surface. You can see the Reef from the boat, the sunlight illuminating the colourful corals, fish and marine life below. When snorkelling on the Reef you may see Anemone Fish (Nemo), giant Maori Wrasse, Butterfly Fish, Angelfish and much, much more. While snorkelling around Low Isles offers chance encounters with Green Sea Turtles, Reef Sharks, Wrasse, Parrotfish and more. We have a marine biologist or naturalist on board, a local with many years experience in these waters. If you see something and aren’t sure what it is, ask them. Small group snorkelling with ABC Snorkel Charters, is seeing the reef the way it’s meant to be. No crowds. No rush. Just you, the Reef, a handful of people and a whole lot of fun.


We have the freedom to go to a range of outer Great Barrier Reef sites. Will pick the best on the day, pending conditions.

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Snorkel Low Isles with its sandy shallows, coral gardens and abundance of marine life. Just stunning. Giant clams, sea turtles, reef sharks and more.

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To assist with planning your Reef trip, we’re pleased to provide a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

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We are visiting nature. Nothing here is staged. We can guarantee you will see lots of corals and fish, giant clams and more.

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If you want to see the best of the Great Barrier Reef, without the crowds, then ABC Snorkel Charters are the crew for you.

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Snorkelling The Great Barrier Reef Port Douglas

We’re committed to giving you the best possible day on the Reef. Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef is an amazing experience and ABC Snorkel Charters Port Douglas, strives to provide exciting marine encounters, exploring colourful coral gardens. You don’t have to be a champion swimmer to snorkel, but you do need to be confident in open waters.

If you are a non-swimmer, or aren’t confident in the open ocean, then maybe a larger boat which visits an island or pontoon might be better for you. Please note that older age, and some medical conditions, especially heart disease, increase the risks of snorkelling. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding snorkelling the Reef.

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