Snorkel Low Isles

Snorkel Low Isles with its sandy shallows, coral gardens and abundance of marine life. Just stunning.

The reefs surrounding Low Isles are easily accessible from the ABC boat, rising up to within metres of the surface, tide dependent. Your personalised snorkel guide is in the water with you the whole time. Experienced reef experts, who will reveal and explain the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef throughout your ABC day.

Giant clams and vibrantly coloured juvenile clams are abundant here, impressive in size and quantity. Sea turtles explore the fringing reefs with you, while angelfish, parrotfish, rabbitfish, batfish, damsels and more dart around the corals.

ABC love to showcase the reef. We’re all about small numbers, big experiences and amazing days.


LOW ISLES A coral cay paradise

Low Isles is a stunning Great Barrier Reef coral cay, sitting just 15kms north-east of Port Douglas. The cay itself has golden sandy beaches, rich green vegetation and an iconic lighthouse which make this a postcard location. The warm waters which surround it are home to over 150 different species of corals, a combination of hard branching corals and array of colourful soft corals. Growing on walls and bommies, the corals provide haven for a range of marine life, large and small. Wrasse and Fusiliers dart around the edges, neon blue Chromis Fish dance in the staghorn corals while Anemonefish are dotted around the reef. If you listen while snorkelling, you’ll hear the schools of Parrotfish grazing on the corals and keep watch to spot Green Sea Turtles. When you choose ABC for your snorkel Low Isles day, a member of our team will be in the water with you, making sure you don’t miss a thing. Maximum of 12 guests. Personalised experience. Amazing day exploring the reef.


Low Isles with its iconic lighthouse.


Snorkel with them in the warm waters.


Over 150 different types of corals here.


Our team, in the water with you.


From the very big to the very small.


Cruising around the reef all day.


Maximum of 12 people on this trip.


Go almost all the way to the beach.


Easy water access, for all abilities.


Guided walks, looking in the shallows.


We’ll make sure you have a great day.

ABC Snorkel Charters, Low Isles

ABC Snorkel Charters takes a maximum of just 12 guests on our Low Isles snorkel tours. Our dedicated team are there to ensure you have the best time possible, in and out of the water. We provide reef and safety briefings, as well as snorkelling instruction, and help you fit your mask and snorkel.

We then jump in the water with you, providing a completely guided snorkel experience, ensuring you see the best of the reef and learn more about what it is you’re looking at. This ensures your Great Barrier Reef snorkel tour with ABC, leaves you enlightened and engaged with the wonders of this amazing underwater ecosystem.

Your Day With ABC Snorkel Charters

Low Isles is a stunning location on the Great Barrier Reef. Depending on the conditions on your day of travel, our vessel will moor within snorkelling and swimming distance of the cay, or go right up to the beach. If we are offshore it’s likely you will see black-tipped reef sharks and giant bat fish around the boat. This makes for great photos and an exciting water entry.

Our days are customised to our guests and our crew provide a relaxed social atmosphere. All equipment is provided for your Low Isles snorkel tour, including mask, snorkel, fins, a lycra or wetsuit and buoyancy devices are available. If you are a non-swimmer or aren’t confident in the open water, then perhaps a larger boat which visits a pontoon may be better for you. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef.

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I am honestly so happy we decided to drive from Cairns to Port Douglas for a snorkel tour. All the staff were amazing. Lizzie who was our snorkel instructor was a gem. She had all the equipment ready to go for me and helped me get ready for all the swims. She was constantly making sure I was alright. All three sites were beautiful. The coral was lovely and there was lots of fish to look at. Lizzie was great at pointing things out and explaining what we were looking at, as well as answering everyone’s questions. The amount of swim time was longer than I anticipated which was fantastic. My husband has been to the reef twice before and said that this experience was by far the best he has been on. I just want to say thank you for helping me achieve a lifelong dream (that I hadn’t done in the past due to my motion sickness), it was 100% worth it. I would recommend you guys 1,000 times over.

Rebecca Pandeli

The skipper had amazingly good knowledge about the area and shared his knowledge and insights with us! Where we snorkelled, the biodiversity and marine life is simply abundant! Could not believe we saw so many whitetip reef sharks, some manta rays, some dolphins, a moray eel, such a diverse variety of fishes! Our instructor was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the marine life! We had the most awesome time snorkelling with ABC Snorkel Charters! Thank you so much to the entire crew for making this such a memorable & awesome snorkelling trip for my family! We love Port Douglas & the Outer Reefs!!!

Angi Yeo

Great crew, with huge amount of knowledge and love for the reef. They took wonderful care of us and the whole tour felt super personalised. We were not another cog in the reef machine. The small boat numbers made all the difference. A little more expensive than some of the other places, but the service is outstanding and worth every penny. You also get photos at no extra charge and the underwater camera ones are epic! Stop searching and book with these guys.

Jenni Mildon

Pure Joy! Thoroughly enjoyed our day of snorkelling. I had never snorkelled before (love swimming in the ocean, a little frightened of what's under the surface). Sam's instructions were excellent! Although the conditions weren't ideal (a little windy and choppy), I felt completely safe and comfortable. It was an overcast day, so it was amazing to discover the contrast of colour, corals were purple, pink and yellow, brilliantly coloured fish teeming underwater. We had three relaxed long sessions in different locations. No rushing and lots of space to explore, enjoy and learn. The equipment and the boat were clean and comfortable. Crew was friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming. Really great to be on a small boat and feel close to the water with only 9 other people. Highly recommend it!


ABC Snorkel Charters are wonderful. They are very professional and made our time on the reef very enjoyable. It was a day to remember on and under the water. The crew provided us with endless information about the reef which was awesome. GREAT photos, crew, equipment, views, thanks guys it was the best trip on the Great Barrier Reef!

Kim Withrow

Beautiful and Unforgettable. An awesome day from beginning to end. The ABC team is so friendly and professional, they really look after you. Our kids love going to the reef and this was our best trip ever. If you love small groups, stunning reef spots and personal service, then look no further. Five Stars!

Allison F

Personal service and low numbers. The crew are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, the boat is comfortable and well put together. I love the low numbers and the flexibility of reef sites. The visibility was outstanding, even for Feb, and the marine life was abundant. Anyone who says the reef is in bad shape, hasn't been to the GBR recently and if you are heading up here, ABC is definitely a fun day.

Stephanie Jane Milne

Had a great day snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef today. The crew were friendly and informative and made sure that everyone was looked after and didn’t miss anything. We saw loads of brilliant fish and coral; my highlight was seeing the white tip reef shark!

Lisa-Marie Melville

Giving a big hug and thank you to Wayne and the whole ABC team for a wonderful few days on the reef. I did a ton of research prior to my trip, knowing many companies offer trips to the outer reef, but I'm so glad I went with ABC. With only 10 people on the boat, the entire day was personalized and very catered to individual needs, such as marine life questions and photo equipment. It was great meeting the variety of travellers as well! Couldn't have asked for a better team of people to visit the GBR with. My heart is so full. Thanks ABC.

Elsa Hsieh

ABC was phenomenal! They were very friendly, accommodating, eager to show us hidden treasures of the reef, and just a great, safety conscious crew! We had a wonderful, life changing trip to the GBR and ABC was part of the reason why! Andy is so knowledgeable about all things reef - he’s amazing!

LeAnn Taylor Selby

To the guys and gal at ABC Snorkel Charters, thanks for the best day ever. Would highly recommend your tour to everyone. The reef is alive and well and small groups, is the best way to see it.

Karen Burgess

This is the best experience you could have if you want to go out on a small boat with caring, professional and friendly crew. Jim, John, Alex and Kech were brilliant. You probably pay a bit more than one of the big boats who take large groups of tourists out but if you are a purist this is the one for you. Thanks to everyone (including Lizzie) who I corresponded with by email while still in the UK. The boss should be very proud of the ABC team.

Deborah Margaret Lee

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