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To make a booking we need your credit card details. There is a 10% deposit when you make a booking and the balance is charged to your credit card 5 business days before the tour/trip date.

Credit/Debit cards

Valid card details are required to reserve dates or to make any bookings with us. When booking online through our website, your credit/debit card is not tested for validity. The transaction will only be processed within our business hours. If your credit/debit is declined or insufficient funds your booking will be cancelled. If using an overseas credit/debit card please ensure your card is operational in Australia. PLEASE NOTE we only accept Visa, MasterCards. On any occurrence where a credit is made to a client’s Credit Card there is no compensation made for international currency fluctuations.

All prices on our website or sales literature are based on booking direct with ABC and are subject to change.
All daily tours are subject to minimum participants numbers.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation means cancellation for any reason by either party (this includes but is not limited to: sudden sickness, bad or inclement weather, flight cancellations, mechanical breakdown)
Daily tours: Any cancellations made within 48 hours prior to the booked tour date or ‘no shows’ are subject to 100% cancellation charge with no refund.

Private charter cancellations within 5 days of charter date occur a 100% charge.

ABC Queensland Adventures Pty Ltd ABN 91 091 376 706 T/A ABC Snorkel Charters Port Douglas reserves the right to cancel or change any bookings due to weather and tide conditions, lack of minimum participant numbers, unsuitable physical ability of participants or any other unforeseen circumstances. All information on our websites – | – tours, itineraries, services provided, product inclusions, brochure contents and prices charged may be altered/cancelled without notice due to any reason and at the discretion of ABC. All prices are GST inclusive and valid till 30 November 2020.

Terms of Travel

Some of the activities you may participate in while travelling with ABC Snorkel Charters can involve inherent risks. It is important to let us know about any medical conditions that you presently have (or have had) that may impact on you whilst on board our vessel and on any premises operated by us.

In consideration of the right to participate in an activity, you voluntarily assume all risks relating too, or incidental too, such participation and release and indemnify ABC Snorkel Charters from all claims regardless of their nature.

ABC Snorkel Charters reserves the right to refuse to permit any passengers to participate in any of the activities, or to require proof of medical fitness to its satisfaction prior to permitting a person to participate in any of the activities offered.

ABC Snorkel Charters reserves the right to refuse entry into or upon any vessel, vehicle or part of ABC Snorkel Charters property to any person deemed by ABC Snorkel Charters employees to be intoxicated, abusive or acting in a threatening manner to any ABC Snorkel Charters employee or other person. The directions of any ABC Snorkel Charters employees MUST be obeyed and any refusal to co-operate may result in you being excluded from the tour. No refund will be issued to passengers that do not adhere to these requirements.

ABC Snorkel Charters reserves the right to alter the schedule of the tour, substitute a vessel for another, or cancel the tour without notice if circumstances require it to do so. Should this materially impact your tour, we will endeavor to notify you of any changes.

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